Megan Carpentier was the Executive Editor of Raw Story, a progressive news and politics site serving 1.7 million unique readers each month. Previously, she served as an associate editor at Talking Points Memo, the editor of news and politics at Air America and an editor at

Her work has also been published by the Washington Post, Ms. Magazine, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Glamour, On The Issues, Women’s eNews, RH Reality Check and the Washington Independent. She’s appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, Jansing & Co., The Young Turks, Cavuto , CNN Live and Russia Today, and spoken on various NPR affiliates, on the CBC in Canada, and on right-wing radio including The Dennis Prager Show and the Dom Giardano Program.

Prior to entering journlism, she spent seven years working in government affairs in Washington D.C.. She has a Master of Science in international business and public policy from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and German Literature.



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