McClain Bryant Macklin, JD MBA, is Director of Policy for Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, Missouri. In this role, McClain shapes the policymaking of the City, with an emphasis on economic development, workforce development, housing, digital equity, MBE/WBE, and entrepreneurship and small business.  

McClain also holds the position of Director of Municipal Policy Programming for 20/20 Leaders of America, a bipartisan group of leading African American mayors, city, county and state officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys, political strategists, community leaders and activists, police chiefs and other law enforcement executives whose mission is to fundamentally change the way in which the American political system addresses criminal justice issues.  

McClain also serves on the elected Board of Trustees for the Metropolitan Community College, providing a youthful and progressive perspective on higher education and creating educational pipelines toward developing a skilled 21st Century workforce.

Follow McClain on Twitter @mcclainkc.

Sub-specialties: Economic Development, Housing Policy, Workforce Development Policy, Higher Education, Digital Equity



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