Maureen Shaw is an expert on reproductive rights, violence against women and feminist activism. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, an online magazine devoted to women’s rights and issues, and is a regular contributor to various online outlets.

She has dedicated the better part of the past decade to volunteering and working with women’s rights NGOs and non-profits, including the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace & Security, and the National Organization for Women – NYC chapter (NOW-NYC).

For more than six years, Shaw served on NOW-NYC’s Board of Directors, wherein she advocated for the women and girls of NYC through public education, grassroots organizing and lobbying, with a focus on promoting reproductive health, achieving economic empowerment, and ending discrimination and violence against women.  Prior to shifting to a non-profit path, Shaw enjoyed a successful career in public relations.

In addition to, Shaw’s writing has appeared in HuffPost Women,,,, Fem2.0, Jezebel, OURS Magazine, The New York Writers Coalition blog, the New York Daily News, and more. Additionally, she has been featured in media outlets including Think Progress, Columbia Journalism Review, CBS News, WCBS Radio, New York Magazine and USA Today, among others.

Shaw holds a Master’s of Arts in Human Rights from Columbia University. Her thesis, "Mass Rape on the World Stage: The Adjudication of Sexual Violence in International Criminal Tribunals," compares how said crimes were tried in the U.N.'s Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals, and how forthcoming trials for human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo should address mass rape.

Follow Shaw on Twitter @MaureenShaw and @sherights.

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