Female empowerment is the primary focus in all of New York Times Best-selling author Mary Honey B Morrison’s works. An unapologetic voice with 26 novels in print, Morrison strives to eradicate double-standards. In her books, women overcome heart-wrenching challenges.

Born in Aurora, Illinois and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mary resided in Oakland, California for twenty years, Washington D.C. for three and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. In June 2000, she quit her GS-14/15 Management Analysis Officer position with the federal government where she earned a nearly six-figure salary, and self-published her first novel, Soulmates Dissipate.

While writing for Kensington Publishing Corporation as Mary B. Morrison and for Grand Central Publishing under her pseudonym, HoneyB, Morrison isn’t afraid to say what most people merely think. Morrison experienced rape, molestation, and domestic violence at a young age. As a result of these experiences, Morrison wants every woman to understand,“Bad things happen to good people but it’s not our fault.”

A public speaker and motivator, Morrison encourages women to become their best, as she believes women has a manifest destiny. In addition, Morrison is known as a relationship “Sexpert”, she was featured as a repeat guest on the Foxie 105 FM drive-time show with hosts Baby J. and Georgia, answering intimacy-related questions on-air from callers and introduced the world to her Vaginal Aerobics instructional program, were she informed women on how to prevent incontinence, isolate and exercise the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle), detox their wombs, and properly maintain vaginal health. Morrison has been featured on HLN, Sister Circle Live, Essence Magazine Best Selling Authors, Rolling Out and a plethora of new articles, radio shows and podcast.

Morrison’s Philanthropy - Healing Her Hurt, Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that Morrison founded to assist marginalized women and girls.

Morrison is is the Executive Producer and Playwright of the stage play, Single Husbands, based on her HoneyB novel of the same title. You can find Morrison now weekly on Worldstar Hit Radio and Celebrity Media TV, where her HoneyB Morrison Show, streams live every Tuesday at 10:30pm EST, in 22 countries.

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