Maranie Rae Staab is a Pittsburgh-based, independent photographer and journalist working to document human rights issues and the periphery of conflict -- how violence and war affects individuals and societies. Her work focuses on people and especially those in marginalized parts of society — whether domestically or abroad. She photographs with the aspiration to dispel misconceptions, to underline the common humanity that unites us all, and to further understanding of a world outside of our own. To date, her work has taken her throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Maranie is self-taught and has been pursuing photography and jouranlisy after taking the proverbial leap of faith and leaving her well-paying yet wholly unfulfilling corporate job. She wakes up each day on fire to become a better photographer and human -- and to do the work that matters.

Maranie has been published in Esquire, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable, Rudaw and numerous Pittsburgh area newspapers and magazines; she has also worked internationally with NGOs including MSF, SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society, The ICRC, Global Outreach Doctors and The American Refugee Committee.