Luisa Dantas has worked in film and television production in the U.S. and Brazil for over a decade. She has worked as a writer and director on a wide-range of different projects from short films and documentaries to pre-school television programs. She began to pursue documentary filmmaking in order to fulfill her desire to create socially conscious films with compelling stories. She recently co-produced the acclaimed documentary, “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.” She also directed and produced interviews for the acclaimed web-series “Voices From the Gulf”, which showcases the stories of people struggling to recover and rebuild two years after Hurricane Katrina. She is currently directing and producing “Land of Opportunity: The New New Orleans” a documentary about the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Luisa’s first film, “Bolo”, was produced and shot in Brazil, and screened in several international festivals. She received a grant from Disney/ABC to develop a screenplay about a young Latina coming of age in New York. She is also a writer on the successful pre-school series Go, Diego, Go! for Nickelodeon Television.

Luisa received her B.A. in English and Latin American studies from Brown University. She also received an M.F.A in Film from Columbia University.

Follow her on Twitter @ludant.



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