I am a writer, narrator, publisher and promoter as well as the founder of I use my experience as a business and product development professional to provide business planning, identify and deploy business objectives and to strategically place companies to attract business in the marketplace. This often requires the collaborative development of content (writing, audio recording, videos, and/or slide generation for curriculum) in conjunction with a technology based presentation or delivery platform. The byproduct of my expertise are written business plans, executive summaries, articles, white papers, marketing content, brochures, blogs, newsletters and web site copy.

I expanded my organic marketing efforts by working directly with magazine and newspaper reporters to write stories about her clients' areas of expertise and to assist them by helping them establish themselves as industry leaders by publishing their articles in leading magazines.

I've spent 25 years working within the Information Technology sector, purchasing, installing and devising automated techniques to streamline work functions. For ten years I operated a software manufacturing and distribution company, managing the production of 6000 media titles. For the last ten years I've developed a meditation CD; conducted research and development on the delivery of treatment for PTSD using telemedicine; and written "Understanding Technological Evidence for the Legal Professional: 101 the Basics", as well as the curriculum for the 14 companion courses offered by

I am Certified Forensic Disability Specialist and Certified American with Disabilities Act Advocate; and have the research experience, as the Research Assistant in Law Office of Nancy Ericson, and as the Disability Advocate in MKB Law Group Paralegal.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Master’s degree in Special Education Program.

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