Rozbih is an acclaimed and award-winning Afghan writer and poet in the Dari language. Her works include Dari and English short stories, poetry, as well as social and political commentaries, which have been published in major Dari, Pashtu, and English publications such as Ashian, Farda, Afghan German Online, Khawaran, Azmon Meli, Naw-e-Afghan, Washington Prism, Paiwand, Anis, Diplomatic Courier. Moreover, she formerly served as the Dari Editor-in-Chief of Zeba, a socio-cultural and fashion magazine, as well as editorial columnist for The Omaid Weekly, The Ashian Magazine, and Washington Prism. The recipient of several poetry awards and journalism awards, Rozbih’s literary contributions have been recognized and featured in books about contemporary Afghan poets and female writers. 

Lina Rozbih is TV/Radio Managing Editor at Voice of America. She started her career with VOA as radio broadcaster in 2003 and she was selected as Dari anchor for the Voice of America (VOA) Dari Ashna Television in 2006. 

Rozbih is a frequent speaker and panelist on Afghanistan issues and has been interviewed by Afghan and international media including the BBC, VOA, Radio Free Europe, Afghan German Online, Washington Prism, and others. She received her bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations from Concordia University and a second degree in Communications, Media & Cinema from Vanier College in Montreal, Canada.

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