Jessi LaCosta is a Board-­‐Certified Coach, and Resiliency Advisor who uses breakthrough strategies based in Interpersonal Neurobiology, (INPB) to transform individuals, organizations and communities.

Her unwavering determination to help others meet their goals grew from her intuitive nature and ability to thrive after multiple traumatic events. These include a car-­‐jacking abduction at gunpoint, and several home invasions. Coming from a bright, creative family with some members who experience anxiety as well as autism, has inspired her passion for helping others become more resilient whether they face personal or professional crises.

She consults and coaches often using Brand-­‐Centered Sustainability© – a process LaCosta designed as a strategic, results-­‐ oriented approach for accountable, attuned leadership development. This way of infusing the brand into all facets by connecting people and systems to a core vision creates effective, efficient, healthy and sustainable platforms for success.

LaCosta founded the USA’s First Center for Credentialing and Education BCC-­‐Approved veteran focused coach certification training program that produces quality, certified coaches who can assist military veterans with career transition and reintegration into the civilian sector. She has provided in excess of 3000 hours of coaching to individuals and teams.

LaCosta sits on the Board of Directors for GAINS (Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies) and is the recipient of both the H. Mebane Turner Service and the Thomas J. Pullen Outstanding Young Alumna Awards from the University of Baltimore, 2013 Women Who Impact San Diego Award, and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Duncan Hunter -­‐ Member of Congress.

Sub-specialties: Leadership/Organization Development and Branding, USA military veteran transition, Overcoming Adversity Crisis – former assault/car-­‐jacking survivor, Branding for Resilient Reputations (personal), Online education (Coach Certification and Coach CE programs)



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