Jennytha Raj is currently the founder & CEO of Mering Global, a full-service global manufacturing and sourcing company that helps businesses around their world turn their product ideas into reality. She is also the co-founder of Drinking Buddies 啤友汇, a company dedicated to importing and distributing craft beer from around the world to China.

Under Jennytha's direction, Mering Global is helping companies around the world turn unique designs into products, rather than sourcing commonly found products to help differentiate themselves against competitors and the saturated market. At the same time, she is educating and enabling manufacturing, with both customer and factory, via more sustainable, purpose-driven means, an area she is very passionate about and wants to see become more widely implemented in every manufacturing area.

With Drinking Buddies 啤友汇, Jennytha is credited for leading the consumption of beer into a new direction by opening up the local Chinese market to new global tastes focused around craft drinks. With a focus on education and healthy slow living, Drinking Buddies 啤友汇 is changing the way beer is viewed and appreciated across the country. Having grown up in China from childhood, her knowledge of the local market has been imperative to the company's success and direction.

Jennytha is passionate about helping small companies, brands and individuals flourish, and throughout her adult life every project and company she has started from her days as an undergraduate at Warwick University, postgraduate at Imperial and through to her working life has always followed this vision.

Jennytha leads these two companies from Asia where she spends most of her time. She often tweets Asian, particularly China-focused business news and informative (even amusing) observations from the business frontlines. You can find her tweets @jennytha

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