Jannah is a Registered Nurse of 10 years with a clinical specialty in Pediatric nursing. Her nursing career has led her from direct patient care, to education and administrative roles. Throughout her career, Jannah has provided true leadership in all her positions. 

In 2011, Jannah developed an electronic record keeping solution (EMR) tool which lead her to becoming more involved in IT nursing, integrating technology in all of her professional ventures. Her IT innovation and solutions have provided progressive and creative change to local school health systems and nursing education.

As a leader, innovator, and forward-thinking mind, Jannah began working independently in 2013 to advance the nursing profession through education and advocacy. 

In 2013, Jannah founded and developed tootRN™, a nursing education service dedicated to effectively assisting, educating and supporting nursing students in academic and leadership success during their education and NCLEX preparation, which can often be a challenging journey.

With a focus on higher education and technology, Jannah's clinical, administrative and new wave leadership skills work toward the advancement of these sectors.

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