For over fifteen years, Ileana Jiménez has been a leader in the field of social justice education. A 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching, her research in Mexico City focused on creating safe schools for LGBT youth. Passionate about creating inclusive schools, Ileana believes in transforming education for gender, racial, and economic justice. In 2005, she founded the New York Independent Schools LGBT Educators Group, providing educators professional development and networking opportunities. Her innovative curriculum on teaching women’s studies and activism at the high school level has received awards and recognition from the Feminist Press, NOW-NYC, RightRides, and the Stonewall Community Foundation. Ileana is also an associate faculty member at Bard College’s Institute for Writing and Thinking, where she offers workshops to classroom teachers and college instructors on writing-based inquiry.  Recently, she appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show to talk about teaching feminism to high school students and to advocate for safe schools. She has also been featured online at The Atlantic. She has written about education issues for Care2, Feministing, Gender Across Borders, the Huffington Post, Ms. Magazine, On the Issues, the Smith Alumnae Quarterly, and the Women’s Media Center. Founder and sole blogger at Feminist Teacher,, she received her B.A. in English Literature at Smith College, and an M.A. in English Literature at Middlebury College. She tweets at @feministteacher.



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