Gail Pressberg is a Senior Policy Advisor to Americans for Peace Now (APN).

Ms. Pressberg is also a Senior Fellow at the Civil Society Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting breakthroughs in civil society that address pressing issues of the day, where she primarily leads its stem cell policy efforts.


Gail Pressberg has focused on the Institute's leadership in the campaign for federal funding for stem cell research. In 2000 she was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the first stem cell ethics review committee of the National Institutes of Health which was disbanded by President George Bush after he was elected President. She now also works on the Institute's global warming programs.

Prior to holding this position, Ms. Pressberg was the Director of APN’s Center for Israeli Peace and Security in Washington, DC. She also serves on the Board of Directors in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Foundation for Middle East Peace, and the Shefa Fund.


For twenty-five years she worked on Middle East development, peace and energy issues including opening the first Washington, D.C. advocacy office for Americans for Peace Now. Pressberg is a co-author (with Pam Solo) of The Promise and Politics of Stem Cell Research and has been honored with the Janet Lee Stevens Prize of the University of Pennsylvania and the Isaiah Award from Americans for Peace Now. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Foundation for Middle East Peace.



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