As a lifelong storyteller turned manned submersible pilot, Erika Bergman is a passionate ocean explorer. She studied chemical oceanography at the University of Washington while simultaneously working as a diesel engineer aboard the tall ship S/V Lady Washington and a steam ship engineer aboard the S/S Virginia 5. Since then she has worked as a submersible pilot and engineer completing exploration, research and filmmaking sub dives. At the age of 27 she founded an engineering, exploration, and education company whose programs have reached girls on 3 continents. She is an avid SCUBA and free diver spending much of her time underwater working on submersibles or behind the lens of her Sony video camera and writing about her expeditions on the National Geographic Explorer’s Journal. In May of 2013 she was named a National Geographic Young Explorer and has been featured in Outside Magazine and National Geographic for her expertise in travel, oceanography, submersible technology, women in STEM education, and marine engineering.


Sub-specialties: Education: CEO and Co-Founder of, an exploration and engineering company focused on providing science, technology, engineering, and math programs for students (especially girls) and adults across the world. Environment: Speaker at global environmental events including COP21 in Paris, proponent of ocean science in environmental policy making evidenced by articles for National Geographic Online. Science & Technology: Submarine piloting and marine engineering, chemical oceanography & world ocean health, innovations in marine technology including underwater drones and submersibles.



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