Dr. Reneé Carr is the Advisor & Counsel to several high-profile politicians, executives, and corporations.

She leverages the power of purpose and premium applications of psychology to help her clients win elections, increase profit margins, and increase their ultimate impact.

She helps already accomplished clients to exceed and sustain higher levels of success; and confidentially addresses the unique needs and challenges of high achievers, high success, or high visibility persons.

Through the Carr Advisory Group, she and her advisors have successfully applied political psychology to help 90% of their candidates get elected. They also help politicians increase their influence and voter loyalty through actions and language that exhibit both authenticity and power.

The Carr Advisory Group also provides a signature advanced executive training, Corporate Utopia™, that increases the effectiveness of its C-Suite leaders and produces a trickle-down effect of increased prosperity, purpose, and consumer impact. One of Dr. Carr’s trade sayings is, “I make your purpose  profitable”.

Frequently consulted for advice, Dr. Carr provides media commentary for a variety of human- or psychology-related topics such as the impact of psychology on voting behavior; personality, achievement, leadership, corporate and personal life success, and the power of pursuing your life purpose. Dr. Carr frequently responds to local and national tragedies or events; publicized events of celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile persons, and high-profile legal cases.

Dr. Carr has proven expertise in re-aligning strengths, personalities, and life purposes with higher level thoughts, behaviors, and processes; to maximize lives, operations, teams, and careers.

Recently, Dr. Carr joined Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen among others as a ShareCare expert. Through this health and wellness engagement platform she is able her to connect with nearly 40 million people, including viewers of the Dr. Oz show, patient populations of the country’s leading hospital systems and every Solider in the United States Army through counseling in psychology.

Her work, research, and advice have garnered attention from Fox, BET, TVOne, Baltimore Magazine and a host of radio shows and articles.

Follow Dr. Reneé Carr at @DrReneeCarr and the Carr Advisory Group at @CarrAdvisors