Elizabeth Dorrance Hall is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Department at Michigan State University and Director of the Family Communication and Relationships Lab. She received her Ph.D. in Family and Interpersonal Communication from Purdue University. Elizabeth's research focuses on communication in close relationships, especially in the context of family.

Elizabeth work explores how family communication and support are associated with young adults’ academic, relational, and psychological well-being. Other current projects focus on changes in perceptions of family "black sheep" status over the life course and women's experiences in "traditionally male" career fields including STEM.

Elizabeth's work has been published in top Communication and Social Psychology journals. She has appeared on several podcast interviews including Sage Publication's Relationship Matters and her work has been written about in Forbes, Market Watch, and Next Avenue.

Sub-specialties: Family Communication, Black Sheep (Family Marginalization), Women in STEM careers, Student Adjustment to College, Family Relationships, Sibling Relationships.

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