Deepa Gupta is currently the Founding Director of, a grassroots advocacy group that holds decision makers accountable and defends human rights through mass public participation.  In their first 2 years, has had many successful campaigns, some of which include successfully campaigning the new government in India to commit to implementing the Bezbaruah Report that proposes a series of anti-racism measures, getting Flipkart, India’s largest e-retailer, to commit to pulling out of their deal with Airtel and commit to net neutrality, getting Unilever to address an unresolved case of mercury poisoning caused by their factory in Kodaikanal, and delivering justice for a woman harassed in a rickshaw in Bangalore. 

Deepa’s career in social change began as a leading voice within the global climate movement in 2008 when she co-founded the Indian Youth Climate Network to engage hundreds of thousands of youth across India in advocacy and public education.  She designed the first ever youth climate leadership training in India, co-organized a road trip across the country to inspire hundreds of thousands of youth to take action, and lead the first ever project to support youth from the Global South to participate in COP process in 2009.

Specialties: Climate change advocacy, entrepreneurship, public speaking, public mobilisation & empowerment, movement building



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