Debra is a journalist, turned lawyer, turned entrepreneur focused on helping law firms drive revenue and expand client relationships in a profession undergoing dramatic change. With more than 25 years of experience working in the legal market, she helps firm management teams create strategic growth plans, individual attorneys develop their selling skills, and practice and industry leaders activate teams by turning strategy into action. The goal: to build better law businesses, increase the bottom line and make the practice of law more enjoyable. Prior to her current role, she founded Law Leaders Lab, a law firm strategy company focused on leadership and transformation in the legal profession. Law Leaders Lab was acquired by Growth Play in January of 2016. At GrowthPlay, she oversees the Professional Services Team’s sales pipeline and innovation efforts.

Debra’s background includes executive-level marketing and business development positions for both a Global 100 law firm and a leading legal technology company. Prior to these positions, she was an award-winning journalist for the ABA Journal, where she covered law practice management and business ethics. Her unique blend of journalism, legal and business experience helps her analyze issues, distill complex ideas, and deliver key messages in clear and compelling ways.

Debra is based in San Diego and is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

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