Long-time advocate for women, Deb Bailey is the founder of Women of Power Next Door TV Show where she serves as the editor, producer and publisher as well as radio talk show and TV show host.  Her show was picked up by dish network for 3 years.

In late-2008, Bailey saw the need for a medium for women worldwide to connect and learn from one another. Bailey then left her job as a recruiter and began promoting her magazine and radio show full time in January 2009.

It is Bailey’s dream to pave the way for women to excel in whatever their dreams may be. Bailey – a long-time advocate for giving a voice to women who don’t have one – has been a community leader for more than two decades.

Prior to her job as a recruiter, Bailey was a minister at a women’s prison helping women in prison facing no parole or the death penalty. She has also raised thousands of dollars to send cards and bibles to women serving in the military overseas.

Understanding first hand the impact of rape and domestic violence, Bailey’s life work has been to put women first. Her career in journalism started back in high school when she wrote for her school newspaper.

Since then, she has gone on to interview Tova Borgnine, Kim Wayans, Kathy Kinney, Jane Velez-MItchell, Katherine Schwartzenegger, Lisa Matassa. Tracey Gold and more.

Topics range from Rape, Domestic Violence, Marriage, Work, Children, Divorce . Money, Eating Disorders, Chronic Illnesses and much more.  With some 500+ shows done. Bailey is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 1, with one on the way. She resides in Hot Spring, AR. To listen to the Power Women Radio Show or read the magazine, visit 

As of August 2011 and again February 2012, Power Women Magazine has won the Women's Choice Award for outstanding and informative magazine. Deb was also nominated for an international radio show host award February 2012.

As a survivor and small business woman, Deb has shown  women everywhere that no matter where you got your beginning, you ending can be grand and dreams can come true. Having faith to live her dream, Deb shows audiences around the world that they too can thrive not just survive. Having no degrees in any business courses, Deb followed her heart and dream to become a power house for women worldwide and tell her story to the millions in her network today.

Deb is able to speak upon topics of, Abuse, Forgiveness, How not to just survive but to thrive as well, How to start an empire with $0 in your hand, To inspire women worldwide.

Deb has been doing radio shows for over 4 years, as well as teaching how to be an award nominated radio show host, speaking to public and private parties and being a guest on numerous radio shows.

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