Darley Newman is an expert on entrepreneurship, small business, travel and multi-platform media. As the five time Daytime Emmy Award nominated TV host, writer and producer of the Emmy-winning PBS TV series that she created, Equitrekking, and the Travels with Darley series on the AOL On Network, Darley has built a successful multi-media business and brand from the ground up. With Equitrekking, which broadcasts on PBS and international networks in over 65 countries, Darley travels the world to discover history, diverse cultures and eco-friendly adventures with local people. Darley has worked and produced for 48 Hours, CBS, the WB, The Talk Radio News Service, Starz! Networks Encore Channel and on various PBS documentaries and series, including FRONTLINE.

While filming Equitrekking, Darley constantly encounters challenging environments to explore with local cultures, like the crater of a volcano on Maui, the varied terrain along the U.S. Mexico border, the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan and the rainforest in Costa Rica. She is an expert on eco-friendly and adventure travel and how to travel like a local on accessible adventures.

Her entrepreneurial expertise comes from growing her dream job from the ground up. Darley has developed several popular travel websites and is the author of the award-winning Equitrekking Travel Adventures on Horseback book published by Chronicle Books. She writes for a variety of media, including CNNGo and Women’s Adventure, Practical Horseman and ABILITY magazines. She’s featured in the book, How’d You Score that Gig, a Guide to the Coolest Jobs and has been interviewed for Chicago Tribune, NPR, The Washington Post, USA Today, Martha Stewart Radio, National Geographic and Ralph Lauren magazine.  

Darley has been nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards for hosting, writing and producing Equitrekking. She received the North American Travel Journalist Award two years in a row for Best Travel Broadcast and the Merit Award for Best Travel Book. Darley has been honored with two Telly Awards, the Travel Writers Association Award as Travel Personality of the Year, and the Inspiring Women Award from Women in Philanthropy and Leadership. Darley holds a B.A. in Electronic Media from The George Washington University. Learn more at or follow Darley on Twitter @DarleyNewman



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