Darby Munroe has several graduate degrees in education that focus on at risk youth, and how childhood trauma affects learning and behavior. She is a certified teacher, and has worked at many alternative schools, including volunteering in juvenile justice facilities. She is currently adjunct at Indian River State College and a current PhD student at Nova Southeastern University in the Conflict Resolution and Analysis program.

Darby recently published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly. She frequently presents at conferences on trauma informed education, mediation, conflict resolution, and conflict coaching. Her goal is to address Adverse Childhood Experiences in the court system.

After making it through her own high conflict divorce, she wanted to make the process less stressful and less traumatic for other families in similar circumstances, so she became a certified mediator, parenting coordinator, and parenting educator. Her main goal in doing this is to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences, and help parents and professionals really do what is in children's best interests, based on scientific research.

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