Daphne Wysham is leading CSE’s policy and advocacy work on climate change. Daphne has worked on research and advocacy at the intersection of climate change, human rights, fossil fuels, international finance, carbon markets and sustainable economies since 1996. Her path-breaking research and advocacy has resulted in shifts in public policy and investment at the national and international level.

Her writings, commentary and analysis have appeared in national news publications and on radio and TV, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Grist, The Guardian, The Nation, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post and on Al Jazeera, Democracy Now!,MSNBC, BBC, NPR, and Marketplace, among others. For 8 years, from 2003-2011, she hosted Earthbeat Radio and TV, which focused on the politics of climate change and other environmental issues. Daphne is concurrently an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. She also is the coordinator of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network.  She is a graduate of Princeton University. Daphne serves on the board of the following organizations: Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth-Nigeria; Nuclear Information and Resource Service; and the Arctic Defense Fund. She also serves on the National Climate Justice Advisory Group for the Unitarian Universalists.



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