My doctorate in Clinical Psychology, concentration in Somatics and as a forensic psychotherapist attached to the International criminal court in Sub-Sahara Africa continue to add invaluable knowledge. My intensified learning began with my mother who survived WWII concentration camp Jasenovac, former Yugoslavia. I had the realization that my grandmothers and mother survived a century of wars in former Yugoslavia. I knew their trauma is passed down through the generations; epigenetic and transgenerational in nature.

As a social scientist 1 Department of Defense, in Afghanistan, my front seat faced the banishment of Afghan women from society thus internationally. For over a decade I sat in kolos (Serbo-Croatian to be in a circle or round folk dance) with the Bosnian women war crimes and war survivors. With the International criminal court, as a Psycho-social gender victim’s expert, I witnessed how trauma is contagious.  The key unifying agency cross culturally centers on the need for female human rights.

Being a world traveling forensic psychotherapist and researcher resulted in several books.  Two books, Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary and Blood & Honey: The Secret Herstory of Women; South Slavic Women's Experiences in a World of Modern-day Territorial Warfare contain research and narratives from the women war crimes and war survivors.  Other books on my Kolo trauma treatment are in NonKilling Balkans and NonKilling Psychology Journals and Book.  

Many of my keynote speeches and presentations nationally and internationally widen awareness into healing trauma via female social collectives thus opening to female human rights into policies, mandates and rule of law. Numerous interviews with agencies having several million listeners are listed on resume for your perusal.