Crystal Benner is a chemist, writer, and social advocate. She has a strong knowledgebase in: technology & science, social justice, and education. She aims to improve the lives of women through efforts to create a fair and equitable work environment. Her long-term goal is to initiate a dialogue between the diverse communities of women in STEM and establish a supportive movement to improve the treatment of women in the workplace.

Ms. Benner is formally trained as a forensic scientist and biochemist, with significant expertise in biochemical applications of liquid chromatography. She obtained her BS in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and her MSc in Forensic Science from King’s College London. Since graduation, she has primarily worked in application development for liquid chromatographic analysis of biomolecules.

Ms. Benner has continuously supported the education of girls and promoted female interest in STEM fields throughout her scientific training. As the chair and co-founder of an undergraduate Women In Science and Engineering student group, she organized volunteer partnerships and participation in events providing girls in grades K-12 with lectures and hand-on experiments to encourage their pursuit of STEM careers. In October 2016, she began collaboration with the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute aimed at increasing awareness of women in science and encouraging young girls to pursue STEM careers through a dedicated blog series.


Education: Science, technology, math, and the experience of women and girls in the classroom
Social Justice: Women’s rights, gender bias in the workplace, and equality in the workplace
Technology & Science: chemistry, biochemistry, chromatography, biology, forensic science, and science communication



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