Colleen Striegel, the founder and Executive Director of HumanitarianHR, is a global aid professional with more than 17 years of experience building and promoting equitable, safe, and human-centered workplace culture for aid organizations. In tandem with the global movement to end impunity for sexual harassment and exploitation, Colleen launched HumanitarianHR to eradicate the sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of refugees and displaced people. At HumanitarianHR, she helps organizations develop the highest standards to safeguard dignity and restore hope for those silenced in global development and aid settings.

Colleen is a lifelong champion for survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse, leading investigations and developing policies and practices to safeguard vulnerable people from Congo to the Catholic Church. She has managed projects to protect refugees and displaced people with humanitarian organizations including the American Refugee Committee, UNHCR, and IOM, and has served on disaster response teams in Indonesia, Guinea, Kosovo, Liberia, Myanmar, Sudan, and others. In 2013, she served on a task force that made recommendations to a Catholic archdiocese to protect children from clergy sexual abuse. She currently serves on an international committee, the PSEA Task Force, aimed at creating a culture of accountability and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse at all levels of the humanitarian system. Colleen has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Human Development.

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