Having lived for 20 years of her life behind a masculine mask herself, Claire Brummell now has a passion for helping women and men reconnect with what it really means to be feminine or masculine in order to transform their lives and relationships.

Claire works with women all over the world to help them recognise the power in embracing their femininity while still being true to themselves.  She helps women to understand and discover the balance of feminine and masculine that is right for them.

Claire’s engaging content helps women to release the struggle for control and perfection that so many experience.  She helps women to feel more relaxed, confident and fulfilled by rediscovering and reconnecting with what is really important to them.  Claire gives women the tools to live the life they truly desire and deserve.

Claire also works with men to help them reclaim their masculinity and to understand more about women and how to meet their needs.  Understanding how to reclaim your masculine presence in a way that is authentic and not overbearing can be a challenge for the modern man.  Having been told for years that they ‘need to get in touch with their feminine side’ it can be hard to know how to find the balance that is right.

Claire provides advice, approaches and practical tools to help men find their masculine presence in a genuine and empowering way that will benefit both them and the people closest to them.  She also provides valuable insights into the mystery of the feminine woman, and how to better understand and meet her needs.

Combining these two areas Claire helps men and women to understand the power of polarity in relationships.  She helps both singles and couples to see how discovering and embodying their respective masculine or feminine presence can make them magnetically attractive and really ignite the spark of passion in members of the opposite sex, as well as how to respond better to their needs and desires.

Creator of the programs “The First Steps to Femininity”, “The Feminine Evolution”, and “Femininity for the Single Woman: How to Attract the Relationship You Desire and Deserve”, Claire is an accomplished speaker as well as a coach and mentor who has helped people in countries around the world.

You can follow Claire on Twitter @feminine1st.



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