Cassady Craighill manages communications and media for Greenpeace USA focusing on energy and climate change. She most recently led the communications for Greenpeace’s daring “Resist” banner outside the White House after Trump’s Inauguration. Prior to that, she helped manage much of the communications strategy for Greenpeace's initiative to protect the Arctic from Shell’s offshore drilling plans which culminated in 2015 with a bridge protest in Portland. An expert in rapid response communications, she is regularly quoted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Associated Press along with live television interviews. With Greenpeace, she has also led digital initiatives to “turn the Internet green” advocating for technology companies to power their data centers with renewable energy.  A graduate of Georgetown University’s Communications, Culture and Technology M.A. program, Cassady analyzed the perceptions of drones in the US media during Obama's first term. A native of North Carolina, she now lives in Roanoke, Virginia.

Sub-specialties: offshore drilling, federal environmental agencies, fossil fuel spending on elections and campaigns, legal cases regarding fossil fuel companies and knowledge of climate change.