Carmen Berkley is an activist, social impact strategist and political commentator striving to intersect the issues of communities of color and women into campaigns that improve peoples lives. She currently serves as the Managing Director for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and co-Founder of The A/B Test, a music production and social impact firm. Previously, she served as the youngest Director for the Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department at the AFL-CIO.

Berkley began her career as the Vice President and later President of the United States Students Association, the country’s oldest, largest, and most inclusive national student-led organization. While at USSA she worked to develop current and future leaders to amplify the student voice at the local, state, and national levels around access to higher education.

In 2009, Berkley served as the Regional Field Director for the NAACP, where she worked with NAACP branches to build their organizing capacity, organized marches, developed innovative trainings and mentored youth activist. While at the NAACP, Berkley was tapped to serve as the Deputy Field Director for the One Nation Working Together march where she lead a team of organizers from across the country to recruit over 200,000 people to march for jobs, justice and education on the national mall.

Through the years, Berkley explored different avenues of advocacy as the National Field Director for Choice USA, Digital Strategist at AFSCME and as the Executive Director of the Generational Alliance.
Berkley’s passion is training organizers and activist has allowed her to train with Midwest Academy, Wellstone Action and she serves as a Co-Founder of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, LLC.

Berkley received her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Rhetorical Process and Africana Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. She is the proud wife of Lee Anderson, fellow labor activist and musician. Berkley is constantly inspired by Audre Lorde, Ella Baker, Fanie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman and the Black Women of today who put their lives on the line to ensure freedom and dignity for all humans.



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