A New York City-based journalist, national public speaker, media critic and women’s historian, Beverly Wettenstein monitors daily the news coverage of women – or lack thereof She is the founder of the first annual “2006 Women and Major Magazines Cover Stories Monitor” in which she reviewed every issue of Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek and Time in 2006.

She is also the founder of the “Women in History and Making History Today – 365-Days-A-Year Database.” The message in her writing and speeches is “Celebrate Women Every Day!” She is the author of “A WOMAN’S BOOK OF DAYS,” the daily chronicle of “Female Firsts,” Fun Facts, and hundreds of popular and unknown women’s achievements .

In her national speaking platform, “A Woman’s Place in the 21st Century,” Wettenstein bridges the generations with humor and history to tie-in with the top news stories. Her Letters to the Editor and Op-eds have been published in the Chicago Tribune, New York News, New York Times, TV Guide and Vanity Fair. She has been featured on CNN, WNYC-TV, WPIX-TV, AP, USA TODAY and New York Post.

A keen observer of pop culture, Wettenstein also created the “Celebrity Weddings and Love Stories – 365-Days-A-Year Database.”

Wettenstein served as a Public Affairs executive with American Express, Citicorp and the Federal Home Loan Bank. Worldwide assignments have taken her to Europe, the Middle East, and, as Public Information Officer with Semester at Sea, around the world. As Special Contributor, she created and wrote the “HerStory” column in the Dallas Morning News, and received the EMMA, Exceptional Merit Media Award.

She has been honored for her service to women. As a volunteer, she conceived and developed the NYC bus route sign program and spearheaded the NY York Race for the Cure. Wettenstein donated her Glamour Award to invite students to the Matrix Awards. Currently, she is establishing libraries for girls in housing projects and community centers. The NYC pilot project will begin in five sites, with a national rollout.

Wettenstein earned her B.S. in Journalism at Temple University School of Business Administration.

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