Betsy Rosenberg is an award winning broadcast news veteran turned green radioactivist.  After working as a reporter/anchor for the CBS Radio network for several decades, Betsy decided to dedicate herself to bringing environmental content and consciousness to the mainstream media airwaves and audiences.  For the past 15 years she has hosted and produced green radio programs, including the nation’s first daily green-themed show on the Air America Radio network.  Betsy is also founder  of the Don’t Be Fueled! GASroots campaign and co-founder of the newly launched WEATHER WE CARE campaign.

Betsy hosted and produced The Green Front, a weekly interview program heard on The Progressive Radio Network.  She has hundreds of original programs archived at and  She has appeared as a guest commentator on Fox’s Sean Hannity show more than a dozen times, and is a fierce and fiesty challenger to anti-science special interests.   Betsy has been trained by Al Gore’s Climate Project and is a public speaker and presenter on environmental issues, especially on the impacts of climate change and lack of mainstream media coverage as being part of the problem.

In addition to FOX, Betsy has appeared as a guest on CNN Headline News/Comcast as well as a handful of local stations.  She is currently working on her first book, tentatively titled "Wake Up and Smell the Carbon!".  Follow Betsy on Twitter @thegreenfront

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