April Reign practiced law for over twenty years, honing her talent for public speaking and persuasive writing, but it wasn't until she walked away from her legal practice that she found her true passion.

Now April is able to capitalize on her strengths and pursue her calling, using her voice to spark dialogue and explore issues of race, politics and culture.

The creator of the viral #OscarsSoWhite, Reign is an influential and sought-after media presence, having built an organic following of over 100,000 worldwide. April’s worldwide campaign to increase inclusion of marginalized communities in entertainment helped to usher in the most systemic changes to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 80 years. Studios and production companies are following suit, taking into consideration Reign’s 10-point plan to increase diversity as reported in the Guardian. Follow her on Twitter where she dispenses wit, provocative thought and information 140 characters at a time. The National Journal agreed and recently named April one of the Top 15 Accounts on #BlackTwitter.

Reign has been featured in top digital and print publications, appears on tv and radio shows regularly, and enjoys speaking to audiences nationwide on issues of diversity and inclusion. Recently she has appeared on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, several Sirius XM channels, HLN, Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, News One Now with Roland Martin and more.



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