Andreea Nica, M.S., is a writer, instructor, and researcher. As a sociology, doctoral candidate, her research examines the religious exiting process; specifically, individuals who leave fundamentalist religious groups and impact on well-being. She has published in the Journal of Secularism & Nonreligion, has worked on research projects exploring pathways to leaving religion, and is active in secular-based community organizations. Andreea is an Instructor in the Department of Communication teaching Gender & Communication, Communication & Feminism and Communication & Religion.

She is the Founder of OrganiCommunications empowering startups and social enterprises in the development of communication strategies, research, and content. She has spoken at events regarding media literacy, business innovation, and online technology. Andreea’s work as a journalist and public sociologist appeared in top-profile outlets, such as Huffington Post, Fox News Radio, Salon, Ms. Magazine, and many more. Before launching her own consultancy, she worked as a Communications Professional in the UK and U.S. within the corporate publishing and events industry.

She received a Hugo House Scholarship in Seattle to write a nonfiction narrative on transitioning from Charismatic Christianity. Andreea gained a foothold in the media industry through her work for Clear Channel Communications, Mix 96.9; CBS Channel 5 Affiliate; and 92.9 KAFF Radio. A long-standing activist, she has counseled women of domestic violence and sexual assault at humanitarian organizations within the U.S., Romania, and Mexico.
She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Northern Arizona University, and M.S. in Media Communications & Gender from the London School of Economics.

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Sub-specialties: • Gender equality

• Media literacy
• Religion, power, and society
• Social entrepreneurship
• Gender and religious fundamentalism
• Health and (non) religion
• Gender and communication

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