Alyson Palmer is a singer/songwriter/artist/activist best known for her ongoing work with the award-winning vocal trio, BETTY. For over three decades, she has toured internationally and recorded with BETTY, whose music has been featured on dozens of musical collaborations, films, ads and television series, including The L Word, Ugly Betty, Weeds and more. In Summer 2018, they are performing Pride tours from Albuquerque to Zurich, singing their ERA and Pride rallying song, “RISE.”

In 2014, the band created The BETTY Effect, a non-profit organization for the empowerment, communication and self-advocacy of women, girls and groups striving for equal rights worldwide.  As Arts Envoys of the US Department of State, BETTY and The BETTY Effect have worked to advance social justice across Eastern Europe, India, South America, Mexico, Israel and South Africa. For upcoming dates, and further information about the band, visit

Aly created the feminist musical revue, CHIX, which served as the closing finale set of the last eleven Michigan Womyn's Music Festivals. Featuring the immense talent showcased at the all-womyn festival, the women's history-themed CHIX shows featured Holly Near, Cris Williamson, the Indigo Girls, Vicki Randle, Toshi Reagon, Jane Siberry, Tamar Kali and countless other brilliant performers and comics. Since that iconic festival ended, CHIX has been featured on Olivia womenäó»s cruises. 

Aly is the creator and director of 1@1, the women's equality action organization. The 1@1 Minute of Silence for Women's Equality action was on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 1pm Eastern Time, as called for by Gloria Steinem at the Women's March on Washington. Over 500,000 people worldwide joined that focused minute to connect those at marches with those who couldn't or wouldn't attend but who share the same yearning to visualize equality into being. After that, 1@1 became a weekly online action plan designed to inspire sustained activism through small, easy tasks asked by a different feminist changemaker each week. In this way, created offscreen dialogues on a community level, supported neighborhood action and national leadership, and encouraged communication "beyond the bubble" to advance women's equality.  



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