As a Voice of the New Generation, Morissa Schwartz uses her position as a young bestselling author, entrepreneur, and media personality to advocate for the new generation. She helps new and young writers share their work through her publishing company, GenZ Publishing, in addition to her own writing and media appearances. Morissa’s mission is to positively change the world one word at a time.

Morissa started freelancing online when she was in high school and quickly became Fiverr’s top rated seller and poster girl. She used that entrepreneurship and technology knowledge to start her online businesses. She founded her publishing company, GenZ Publishing, after her own book, ‘Notes Never Sent’ became a bestseller on Amazon, and she decided that she wanted to help other new, young, and undiscovered writers share their talents. GenZ’s first release, “Tales of a Receding Hairline” went on to be #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list of American Poetry books. GenZ has published a dozen books and has about a dozen more scheduled for release this year. It is the fastest growing publishing company of 2016.

Morissa has a Bachelor’s in English from Drew University and is currently completing her Master’s in Communication. Morissa is an expert on Generation Z and Millennials, as well as social media, pop culture, entrepreneurship, and the English language. She is a Community Contributor for Entertainment Weekly and has been published on Huff Post, Hello Giggles, Nerd Approved, and many more popular websites, magazines and newspapers. She is also a singer who has performed on MTV, Fox, and events across the country.

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