Stephanie Gilmore


Stephanie Gilmore is an award-winning educator, writer, editor, and activist. She holds a Ph.D. in comparative women's history from The Ohio State University, where she divided her time as a research assistant in Key West, FL and a managing editor for the Journal of Women's History. In 2011-12, she enjoyed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Women's Studies Program at Duke University. After spending eight years in the academic world, she left and decided to dedicate her passion and talent to ending sexual violence on college and university campuses. In 2014-15, she served as the editor-in-chief for Oral History Review and remains a member of the editorial collective for the academic journal Feminist Studies. In fall 2015, she edited a special issue on "Listening to and Learning from LGBTQ Lives" for OHR. She has spoken at dozens of college campuses around the United States, and has been cited in numerous interviews and stories on sexual violence, academia, and how student activists are leading a new social movement to upend rape culture. In April 2013, Stephanie was honored as a "Feminist We Love" by The Feminist Wire. Read the interview here. She is also represented by Soapbox, Inc. In 2014, Stephanie was part of Purdue University's "Dream Team" of feminist scholar-activists. Visit the "Writings and Workshops" page to access links to her books and relevant writings about sexual violence. They will help you get a sense of the kind of work she does.