Robin Marty


Robin Marty is a freelance writer, speaker and activist, and the author of Crow After Roe: How Women’s Health Is the New “Separate But Equal” and How to Change That.  Robin’s articles and personal writings have appeared at Politico Magazine, Rolling Stone, Ms. Magazine, Talking Points Memo, Truth Out, Think Progress and other outlets, and she has spoken at trainings and conferences for NOW, NARAL, the National Conference for Media Reform and Netroots Nation.

Robin facilitates workshops on reproductive justice activism in red and rural state settings, reframing the debate around reproductive rights, and speaks both individually and on panels addressing the current landscape of reproductive rights legislation as well as her research on and interviews with prominent anti-abortion rights groups and activists.

Formerly, Robin worked as a Senior Political Reporter for RH Reality Check

Follow Robin on Twitter @robinmarty.