Rev. Jennifer Danielle Crumpton


Rev. Jennifer Crumpton spent 13 years as a corporate advertising executive for Fortune 500 companies before freaking out (in the best way possible), questioning everything and detouring to seminary. She graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2011 from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and was ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Raised in the Bible Belt as a fundamentalist Evangelical, Jennifer’s complex spiritual and career journey led to a progressive, liberal focus on feminist theology, social and structural ethics, economic justice, and inter-faith-based foreign diplomacy.

Jennifer is the author of Femmevangelical: For Women Who Don't Submit, a weekly Patheos blog and upcoming study series for young professional women of faith who have a nagging cognitive dissonance between WWJD? and WTF?! She is a public speaker and has authored works on feminism and faith, sex trafficking, and consumerism in A New Evangelical Manifesto (Chalice Press) and the I Speak for Myself series on culture and religion. She has also worked as a playwright, and a commercial, theater and indie film actress.

Jennifer is a Pastoral Associate of Park Avenue Christian Church in Manhattan, and Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. Passionate about the intersection of politics, inter-faith co-operation and women’s issues, she has been interviewed by Radio Islam and writes for the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, and Huffington Post Women and Religion portals.

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