Renee Schmidt


Renee Schmidt is the Founder and CEO of SheSquad, a business social and digital communications consultancy, and, an industry-respected technology blog.

Frequently featured in the media —online and in print— Renee understands digital technology.

As CEO of SheSquad, Renee has developed and implemented digital collaboration strategies for Fortune 1000 companies, establishing herself as a leader in enterprise social collaboration. Prior to launching SheSquad, Renee developed her business acumen during a five-year tenure working at an international bank in the field of corporate finance. She later co-founded Madison Technology, a NYC-based Cloud Computing provider, where she served as a principal.

For Renee, technology is not a goal, it’s a tool; one she uses to improve her life. Through SheSquad consulting and the SheBytes blog, Renee respectively helps enterprises and individuals use digital technologies to accomplish the same.

Learn more at and follow Renee on Twitter @SheBytesBlog.