Rebecca Nagle


Rebecca Nagle has received international attention for her creative tactics.  She is the founder and co-director of FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, a creative activist effort to upset the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent.  FORCE is most widely known for their panty parody, “PINK loves CONSENT” where they pretended to be Victoria’s Secret promoting consent to young women via “Ask First” thongs.  The hoax went viral on social media and got millions of people talking.  The group has also projected “RAPE IS RAPE” onto the US capitol building and floated a giant poem in the reflecting pool as a call to create a national monument to survivors of rape and abuse.  For these and other actions, Nagle and FORCE have been covered by the Huffington Post, New York Daily News, NPR, New York Magazine, Jezebel, The Nation, Salon and Bitch to name a few.  According to the Huffington Post, “Force is doing a good and creative job with a hard-to-digest topic, capturing the public imagination with their tactics.”  

In addition to co-directing FORCE, Rebecca has also lectured about rape culture at universities, taught consent workshops, facilitated art therapy sessions with survivors, and consulted media outlets for news stories about rape culture.  As a young and active feminist, she has a unique perspective on the movement and the issue.  As a survivor, her politics are grounded in personal experiences.  Nagle can be interviewed about rape culture, consent culture, female sexual empowerment, feminism, and the role of the media in all these topics.

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