Julia Markus


Julia Markus is both a novelist and biographer, her four novels including UNCLE which won the Houghton Mifflin Literary Award and her four biographies including DARED AND DONE. THE MARRIAGE OF ELIZABETH BARRETT AND ROBERT BROWINING.. She is Professor of English and Director of Undergraduate Creative Writing at Hofstra University, Long Island, NY. Her latest biography "LADY BYRON AND HER DAUGHTERS " presents the previously maligned Lady Byron in an astonishing new light. The WALL STREET JOURNAL'S weekend edition gave "Lady Byron and Her Daughters" a rave review, calling it "Deliciously absorbing.." Byron scholars have written "I feel as if I'm getting acquainted with Lady Byron for the first time," (Peter Graham), and "A genuine contribution to Byron studies (Arnold Anthony Schmidt). Fellow writers such as Alix Kates Shulman wrote "Cheers to Julia Markus for rescuing Lady Byron from two centuries of ignominy," and Vivian Gornick: "The book is a treat from start to finish." Julia Markus lives and writes in NYC.