Jennifer Pierotti Lim



Jennifer Pierotti Lim is the co-founder of Republican Women for Progress (RWFP) and was previously the founder of Republican Women for Hillary (RWFH).

After RWFH gained national attention in the summer of 2016, Jennifer was invited to speak on the closing night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where she addressed a television audience of close to 33 million people – with the help of hair and makeup.

In her previous life, Jennifer was the Director of Health Policy in the Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits Division at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where she handled health care issues affecting employers and health sector members of the Chamber, in addition to researching and developing the Chamber’s overall policy on health care reform. An even longer time ago, she served on the U.S. Senate Committee on Business and Entrepreneurship under Olympia Snowe, had a brief stint on Scott Brown’s transition team, and worked in Altria’s legislative affairs office.

A 2010 graduate of The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Jennifer received her B.A. in public interest policy, cum laude, from the University of Mary Washington in 2007. A member of the Junior League of Washington, she will serve as the Chair of Member Communications in the fall. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar, and was once crowned Ms. Corporate America 2012.