Ikumi Yoshimatsu


Ikumi Yoshimatsu (吉松 育美 Yoshimatsu Ikumi) (born 21 June 1987) is a Japanese beauty pageant titleholder, opinion leader, actress, book author and social activist who was crowned Miss International 2012. It was Japan's first Miss International win in the 52-year history of the pageant. Ikumi Yoshimatsu founded the Global Student Diplomacy Network and facilitated the first student skype exchange between her hometown school (Tosu Kita Elementary) and Norwood Junior High-School in Sacramento California on Feb 22nd, 2013. Ikumi Yoshimatsu gave the commencement speech for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Bid, and was asked by Prime Minister Abe to host the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Delegation during the Official Inspection of Tokyo at GeihinKan. Ikumi is the youngest female member ever appointed to a special ministerial task force to create solutions addressing the economic and population crisis in Japan. Still currently the Miss International world title holder, Ikumi Yoshimatsu is scheduled pass her crown to the next winner during the Miss International 2013 world grand prix being held in Tokyo, Japan on Dec. 17th, 2013.