DeAnne Cuellar


DeAnne Cuellar is a digital equity advocate and communications strategist from San Antonio, Texas. After an FCC localism hearing in 2004, she co-founded the Media Justice League with the Office of Communication, Inc., and grassroots organizations in San Antonio, advocating media justice and digital inclusion for historically underrepresented communities. As a young woman she actively organized within the independent music and media community for several years, challenging racist, sexist, homophobic, and classist representations of San Antonians and South Texas communities. She worked with groups to spearhead media monitoring research and local-to-local media literacy initiatives, and advocated at the local, state, and national level to sustain community environments that strive to provide accurate media representation of local communities, technology-inspired skills programs, and affordable Internet access in Texas. With 10+ years of project management and political consulting experience, she interacts with great care and respect when working with elected officials and their staff, media organizations, companies, consultants, and collective impact initiatives. She blogs about music, media, and technology on and is a freelance photographer published in the Huffington Post, Bustle, San Antonio Current, and the Express-News. The media spokespeople and social influencers she has developed who represent an array of socio-economic issues have been featured through national and online media affiliates such as Teen Vogue, HBO, Vice, CNN, and more. 

DeAnne is a sought after municipal utilities advocate focused on fostering equitable Internet access for all, and specializes in using her media and advocacy experience to implement effective digital communications to improve the quality and quantity of media coverage representing Texans.