Christine Jacobs


Christine Jacobs is an experienced executive with more than 30 years of broad functional and management experience at such positions as head of manufacturing operations for pharmaceutical plants in North and South America and SVP of operations for non-nuclear power plants in both a utility and a nationwide independent power producer.  She earned her degree in Industrial Engineering and her MBA at Stanford University.

After a career spent in largely male organizations, she now devotes her time, energy and passions to several new women-centered paths. With a friend and colleague, she has started The Leading Women Project, which began with the premise that you cannot lead others if you can’t lead yourself.  She writes a blog regularly on a variety of sites including  She coaches leaders in a variety of areas and mostly loves to share her insights with women who are stuck in jobs, relationships or outlook.

She also serves as vice-chair of the Women's Campaign Fund.

She can be reached at