BETTY is the pop rock band fronted by Elizabeth Ziff, Alyson Palmer and Amy Ziff. The New York City-based band's unique sound is tight harmonies layered over enticing melodies and a solid rhythm section. BETTY has performed memorable live shows full of great songs, clever word play and manic energy in clubs, theatres and arenas all over the world for almost three decades. Their passion for music is matched by their devotion to social justice and equality. BETTY has recorded nine albums, including their latest full-length album "Bright & Dark", produced by David Morse (Garbage, Kelis) and the ep "RISE" - a call to action against gender-based violence. Known internationally for their music for TV and films, including the theme song for "The L Word" and songs on "Weeds", "Ugly Betty" and more, BETTY scores for art and theater as well, including the hit Off-Broadway show, BETTY RULES, directed by Michael Greif ("Rent"Next To Normal""If/Only") and the instillation by artist Darren Waterston "Filthy Lucre", currently on exhibit at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Activists originally from Washington DC, BETTY began as an edgy a'cappella/spoken word/techno-beat trio known for fighting fiercely for causes in which they believe. Singer/Songwriters fierce Elizabeth (vocals, guitar), funky Alyson (vocals, bass) and funny Amy (vocals, cello) often perform with talented musical friends all over the world. In 2012, the award-winning band was named Arts Envoys for the US State Department, and have engaged in cultural diplomacy across Europe, South America, India and across the US.