Anush Avetisyan


Anush Avetisyan has been working as a producer and reporter for VOA Russian Service since 2012. She was a member of the team that launched Current Time in 2014; line producing the Washington DC portion of the daily show co-produced with RFERL in Prague. Anush provides in-depth coverage on social issues making them relevant for the Russian speaking audience. Her primarily beat is women’s rights, racial issues and religion. Avetisyan has interviewed numerous high-ranking female politicians, well known advocates and experts for social justice. Avetisyan covered the 2017 Women’s march, the Women’s convention in 2017 in Detroit including interviewing Rose McGowan and other leaders in the #MeToo movement; she also covered the Flint water crisis through mothers’ perspective and provided in depth coverage in Chancellorsville that broke out in violence. She holds a BA in journalism from North-Caucasus Federal University. Anush currently is enrolled at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies where she takes classes on the US Constitutional Law and International System; women’s rights and security issues.

Anush's editorials are written in her capacity as a student at Johns Hopkins, and do not reflect the views of VOA.