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Women’s Media Center Launches the #BulliedByRush Campaign

March 8, 2012

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Today the Women’s Media Center launches their #BulliedByRush campaign for anyone who has ever felt bullied, harmed, or intimidated by conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. The #BulliedByRush campaign is a response to Limbaugh’s continual use of offensive language used to dehumanize women and other marginalized groups.

Julie Burton, President of the Women’s Media Center, says, “Rush’s use of degrading language is an attempt to silence the voices of women and other marginalized groups. He’s done it to individuals like Sandra Fluke and groups of people that span nearly all women, people of color, immigrants, gays, the disabled, Muslims, Jews, veterans, environmentalists, take your pick.”

The #BulliedByRush campaign is collecting stories and accounts from anyone who has ever felt bullied by Rush Limbaugh. We encourage anyone who feels they have been targeted by Rush— directly or indirectly, personally or collectively—to share their story in solidarity with Georgetown University Law student Sandra Fluke and all the other people he has bullied before her. Stories can be posted on our Tumblr or using the Twitter hashtag #BulliedByRush.

Robin Morgan, co-founder of the Women’s Media Center, says, “When rhetoric isn’t challenged by cultural norms it becomes an acceptable slur to dehumanize people.”

Help us call out the degrading and dehumanizing language Rush has used to marginalize people. His many targets should speak up and speak out that we will NOT be bullied by Rush anymore.


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