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The Women’s Media Center Announces Social Media Award Nominees

October 12, 2012

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The Women’s Media Center today announced the 19 nominees for its Social Media Award, which celebrates new media makers for gender justice.

Public voting for the award opened this morning and will continue until October 29. The winner will be honored at the Women's Media Awards on November 13 in New York City.

“This is The Women's Media Center's one de facto ‘people's choice’ award, since the winner is chosen by voting online at the WMC website,” said Robin Morgan, co-founder of The Women’s Media Center. “These young nominees, previously silenced or ignored in traditional media, have forged their own path to reaching wide audiences and affecting many lives. I love this award, because, frankly, it honors the future of media.”

The nominees, who were selected by last year’s nominees and WMC staff, are:

Bios of the nominees can be found at the public voting site. Last year’s winner was Sady Doyle, founder of the anti-sexist blog

“Social media and blogs provide a crucial channel for direct action against media sexism, and a powerful platform for the creation of independent media with social justice values that can set an example for traditional media,” said Michelle Kinsey Bruns, Online Manager for The Women’s Media Center. “Our Social Media Award nominees’ work combines digital savvy with conscience and passion—the results inspire us all.”

WMC previously announced that Pat Mitchell, President & CEO of The Paley Center for Media & Founding Co-Chair of The Women's Media Center, will be presented with the Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award and that Martha Nelson, Editorial Director of Time Inc. will be presented with the Going The Distance Award. Mitchell is the first recipient of the award named in her honor.

“The Women’s Media Center exists to change the status of women in media.  Because 51 percent of our population is women and only 3 percent of all clout positions in media are held by women, the Women’s Media Center Awards were created to honor champions for women who use their media platforms to tell the stories, facts, and solutions crucial to all viewers and to advance opportunities for women in media,” said Julie Burton, President of The Women’s Media Center. “Because media tells our stories and influences the role of women in every part of society, we are proud to honor these amazing leaders who set the standard for what media should look like when it gives voice to the female half of the country.” 

The Women’s Media Awards recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to advancing women’s and girls’ visibility and power in media.

The 2012 Women’s Media Awards are co-chaired by Loreen Arbus, Donna Deitch, Jodie Evans, Jane Fonda, Carol Jenkins, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem.

The Women's Media Center spearheads strategic programs aimed at transforming the media landscape including media training, media monitoring and activism, original media content, media reports, media programs and initiatives. It was founded in 2005 by Fonda, Morgan and Steinem.

To buy tickets or for more information about The 2012 Women’s Media Awards and the ongoing work of The Women’s Media Center, go to

For more information, contact Cristal Williams Chancellor, Media Relations Manager, or 202-587-1636.