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WMC Congratulates Crowley, Raddatz On Selection As Debate Moderators

August 13, 2012

The Women’s Media Center Congratulates Candy Crowley, Martha Raddatz On Their Selection as Presidential, Vice Presidential Debate Moderators

Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON, D.C – The Women’s Media Center congratulates Candy Crowley of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC for being selected to moderate a presidential and vice presidential debate, respectively, this year.

Crowley, host of  CNN’s “State of the Union,” becomes the first woman in 20 years to moderate a presidential debate.

“Congratulations to Candy Crowley and Martha Raddatz, two great news women, for a well-deserved honor,” said Gloria Steinem, co-founder of The Women’s Media Center. “I am celebrating the end of 20 years of frustration because Carole Simpson was the last woman moderator of a presidential debate. I hope and believe this begins a new era in which half of every debate and news story can, should and will be women.”

The selection of Crowley and Raddatz comes after an intense public lobbying effort spearheaded by three New Jersey teenagers. Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis launched an online petition, soliciting more than 100,000 signatures. Simpson also had been advocating for another female moderator since she moderated the 1992 debate between Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot.

“We are so proud of Emma, Sammi and Elena for their noble efforts to change the face of the debate moderators,” said Julie Burton, President of The Women’s Media Center. “We commend them for their passion, drive and determination and for making women and girls more visible and powerful in the media.”

Crowley will moderate the town-hall debate on Oct. 16. Raddatz, the senior foreign affairs correspondent for ABC, will moderate the vice presidential debate on Oct. 11. Gwen Ifill was the last woman to moderate a vice presidential debate, both in 2004 and 2008.

Other debate moderators are Jim Lehrer of PBS, Bob Schieffer of CBS. The first debate will take place on Oct. 3 in Denver.

The Women’s Media Center was founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Steinem. It works to make women and girls visible and powerful in the media. It does this through media advocacy campaigns, media monitoring for sexism, creating original content, training women and girls to participate in media, and connecting women experts with the media.

For more information, contact Cristal Williams Chancellor, Media Relations Manager, or 202-587-1636.