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Saudi Driver Tells WMC Live’s Robin Morgan, “We Will Not Stop” After Defying Driving Ban

October 28, 2013

NEW YORK — A Saudi activist who participated in Saturday’s driving protest even after the government issued threats of “severe punishment,” vowed “we will not stop,” until women in her country are allowed to drive—and she said it for attribution. She used her name.

In an exclusive telephone interview from Riyadh, Madeha Al Ajroush told Robin Morgan, host of “Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan,” that the campaign was successful and would be ongoing. Despite threats from the Ministry of the Interior that disobedience would be construed as opening ”avenues of sedition,” nearly 100 women across the kingdom drove, Al Ajroush said. Two were pulled over and made to sign a pledge not to drive again; two more were detained because their male “guardians” could not be located to sign them out (women are permanent minors in Saudi Arabia). She encouraged listeners to send supportive emails to or tweets to @oct26driving.

“We do want the world to see us and stand by us and empathize by us,” Al Ajroush said Saturday. “It’s a small world and every woman out there is our sister.”

There has been a ban, not a law, against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Al Ajroush, who first defied this ban in 1989, said the fight will continue and she will not be deterred by warnings or threats by the government. Her full interview can be heard here.

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